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Church of St. Ruprecht (Ruprechtskirche) in Austria, Vienna spa

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St. Ruprecht's Church is the oldest church in Vienna. It is located in the northern part of the historic center of Vienna, in the place where the ancient Roman settlement of Vindobona was once located.

According to one of the legends, the Church of St. Ruprecht was founded in 740 by Gisalrich and Kunald , friends of Ruprecht, who was bishop of Salzburg until 715. Ruprecht is considered the patron saint of salt merchants. All churches in Austria that are dedicated to him are usually founded by the bishops of Salzburg.

The first mention of this church dates back to 1200. This place was a place of worship before this function was transferred to the church of St. Stephen in 1147.

The Church of St. Ruprecht has been rebuilt many times. In 1276, as a result of a fire, the church was badly damaged and was partially rebuilt. In 1622 the temple was rebuilt in the Baroque style. During the Second World War, after the bombing and fires, the church was again destroyed.

The church houses the oldest bells in Vienna, dating back to 1280, as well as stained glass windows dating back to 1370. The stained-glass windows depicts the Most Holy Theotokos   with a baby. The church houses a sarcophagus with the relics of St. Vitaly.

Special attention should be paid to the wooden relief and the portrait of St. Ruprecht, which is located on the right wall of the choir. Also in the church there is an icon"Black Madonna",

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Topic: Church of St. Ruprecht (Ruprechtskirche) in Austria, Vienna spa.Church of St. Ruprecht (Ruprechtskirche) in Austria, Vienna spa

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