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Berlin Zoo in Germany, Berlin resort

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Berlin Zoo – one of the largest zoos in Germany, covering an area of 35 hectares. Located in the Tiergarten area. It features about 1,500 animal species. The zoo complex includes a three-story aquarium, which is home to not only fish, but also amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates and insects.

Berlin Zoo, the first in Germany, was opened in August 1844. Under the new director, Dr. Heinrich Bodinus, enclosures for antelopes, elephants, ostriches and flamingos were built; the Elephanttentor gates, numerous pavilions and restaurants were built. The next director, who came in 1888, Dr. Ludwig Heck, increased the animal fund. In 1913, a huge aquarium was built. The author of the project – Oscar Heinroth, animal behavior researcher.

After the First World War, the buildings were dismantled, and during the Second World War, most of the animals died (out of 3715 animals, only 91 survived), and the zoo itself was almost completely destroyed. After the Second World War, Katharina Heinroth became the director of the zoo, who managed to rebuild most of the buildings and renovate numerous aviaries. Under the next director, Heinz-Georg Klos, premises for predatory animals, birds, monkeys, and bear enclosures were erected. At the same time, the breeding of rare or endangered animal species began, and animal sculptures were installed on the territory of the zoo and a zoo school was opened. Kles did a lot for the restoration of old buildings and the construction of new ones. After the unification of the country, Berlin Zoo was merged with the Zoo &

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Topic: Berlin Zoo in Germany, Berlin resort.Berlin Zoo in Germany, Berlin resort

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