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Hofkirche Church in Austria, Innsbruck spa

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The Hofkirche Church is located in the center of the old town of Innsbruck. It was erected in 1553-1563 at the direction of Emperor Ferdinand I as a tomb for his grandfather, Emperor Maximilian I.

A rich sarcophagus made of black marble was prepared for the body of Maximilian I. which was decorated with 24 reliefs depicting the life scenes of the emperor. At the top of the sarcophagus is depicted kneeling Maximilian I. Around the sarcophagus there are 28 bronze statues cast in the 16th century. They are made in a fairly realistic manner and depict the mythical and real ancestors of the emperor (including King Arthur). Today the sarcophagus is empty, and the body of Maximilian I rests elsewhere.

In addition to the sarcophagus of Emperor Maximilian I, the church houses the tomb of the Austrian national hero, Andreas Hofer, who led the fight against Napoleon. Above his grave there is a sculpture of a hero.

In 1578, a small chapel, called the Silver Chapel, was added to the church, and Ferdinand II and his wife are buried in it.

Also in the Hofkirche church is one of the 5 most famous organs in the world and the only almost intact musical instrument of the Renaissance in the whole of Austria.

The church is an architectural monument, the interior of which is a Renaissance masterpiece.


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Topic: Hofkirche Church in Austria, Innsbruck spa.Hofkirche Church in Austria, Innsbruck spa

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