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Palazzo Barbieri in Italy, Verona resort

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Palazzo Barbieri is a beautiful palace located on Piazza Bra, which today houses the City Council.

The palace was built in the early 19th century. The author of the project was the architect Giuseppe Barbieri, after whom the palace was later named. Initially, the palazzo was called Gran Guardia Nuova and was used exclusively for military purposes. The Habsburgs located the base of the Austrian troops in the building, from here they also commanded the city defense. After the unification of Italy, the palace was transformed into the seat of the Verona government. Since 1874, the building has housed administrative offices.

The material for the construction of the palace in the neoclassical style was tuff. The round-shaped extension was added after the Second World War during restoration work.

The interior of the palace is simultaneously striking in its grandeur and severity. In the Hall of Arazzi there is a painting by Paolo Farinati, and in the Hall of the City Council – canvas by Felice Brusasorzi, both masterpieces were painted in the 16th century. The palace also houses a 14th-century fresco depicting Jesus, John the Baptist and Madonna. This fresco was donated to the Verona City Council in 1901.

In addition, the Hall of Arazzi contains a large collection of hand-made tapestries that were brought here after the war.

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Topic: Palazzo Barbieri in Italy, Verona resort.Palazzo Barbieri in Italy, Verona resort

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