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Historic city of Goslar in Germany

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The historic city of Goslar – regional center of Lower Saxony, located at the foot of the Harz Mountains.

In 922, Henry I founded a settlement at the Rammelsberg mountain. From that time on, the history of Goslar begins, whose development begins with the mining of coal and copper. Under Henry II, the imperial medieval castle became the center of the city, and under Conrad II, the chapel of St. Mary was erected, which, unfortunately, did not survive until the XXI century.

The flourishing of the city begins under King Henry III and to his wife Agnes. During this period, numerous institutions were built and received (the Church of St. Simeon and St. Jude).

The city is the birthplace of such famous people as: the Roman emperor Henry IV,

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Topic: Historic city of Goslar in Germany.Historic city of Goslar in Germany

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