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Votivkirche in Austria, Vienna spa

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Votivkirche Church is also called the Promised Church. This is a Roman Catholic church located in the center of Vienna. It is one of the most important neo-Gothic church buildings in the world.

The foundation of this church was preceded by an event that took place on February 18, 1853. On this day, Janos Libeni tried to kill Emperor Franz Joseph I. But he failed to carry out the insidious plan, as the assassin's knife hit the button.

Brother of Franz Joseph I, Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, who a little later he became the emperor of Mexico, appealed to the residents of the city with a request to collect donations to create a new church to thank God for saving the emperor. About 300 thousand people responded to the request.

In 1854 a competition was announced among architects. 75 projects of architects from Germany, France, Great Britain and Austria-Hungary were presented in the competition. The preference was given to the project of Heinrich Ferstel.

The first stone was laid in 1856 by Cardinal Rauscher   and Franz Joseph I in the presence of 80 archbishops and bishops.

Construction of the church took 23 years. It was opened in honor of the silver wedding of the emperor in 1879.

The Votivkirche church was built of white sandstone and therefore requires constant renovation and reconstruction to protect it from acid rain and erosion. which destroy and color the sandstone. The church was thoroughly restored after the Second World War.

The church was built in the Gothic style. It is characterized by:
  • a facade with two 99-meter towers, three portals and a sculptural gallery located above them;
  • the side portals are twice as narrow as the central one;
  • turrets and spire of the transept;
  • a rose window crowned with the upper gable of the nave;
  • supports, supports and lintels.

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Topic: Votivkirche in Austria, Vienna spa.Votivkirche in Austria, Vienna spa

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