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Church of Saint Sixtus in Italy, Pisa resort

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The Basilica of Saint Sixtus is one of the oldest churches in the city. It is located just 300 meters from the Miracle Square.

The date of the foundation of the temple is still unknown. It is only known that the church was consecrated in 1133, but in 1094 the notarial documents of the city commune were kept in it.

The temple was dedicated to Saint Sixtus, probably because Sixtus was considered the protector and the patron saint of the city until the time when Saint Rainerius took this place. An interesting fact – the most important victory of the navy of the Pisa Republic was won on the day of Saint Sixtus, which was then celebrated as a public holiday. In August 1284, during the Battle of Meloria, the city lost about 12 thousand people, since then, the holiday has ceased to be celebrated.

In 1786, large-scale reconstruction works were carried out in the church, during which the building acquired a more modern look. In the 1930s, restoration work took place here again, during which all late structures were removed, and the architectural appearance of the church was close to the original.

The interior of the building was made in the Pisa Romanesque style. The temple was built of stone. Nowadays it is a three-aisled building with a pitched roof. The facade also consists of three parts, its plane is decorated with pilasters, double windows and arches passing under the roof in a continuous line.

The interior is decorated with antique capitals on columns, which divide the naves. The columns were taken from the ancient Roman structure. The church's polychrome marble altar was created in the 18th century.

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Topic: Church of Saint Sixtus in Italy, Pisa resort.Church of Saint Sixtus in Italy, Pisa resort

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