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Selinunte in Italy, Sicily resort

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Selinunte is an ancient city located on the southern coast of Sicily.

The city was founded by the Greeks in 628 BC. Today, the village of Marinella is located on the site of Selinunte.

Selinunte was one of the significant Greek cities on the southern coast of Sicily. The name of the city is of Phoenician origin; the townspeople themselves derived the name of the city from the celery that grows in abundance in the vicinity of Selinunte. The celery image was also minted on coins.

In the central part of the city there was an acropolis, which was surrounded by a wall. Two artificial harbors were also built in the city, the main of which was Mazara. The climate of the city was rather unhealthy, for the valleys of the two rivers that crossed the Selinunte were distinguished by harmful fumes. Soon, in general, thanks to the measures of Empedocles, it was possible to purify and improve the river water.

In 408 BC. the Carthaginians ravaged the city, in 249 BC. the city was practically destroyed. In 305 BC. Selinunte was part of the Sicilian state of Agathocles.

The city was decorated with numerous temples, magnificent buildings and sculptures. During the excavations, artistic and architectural monuments of the city were found – ruins of temples of different eras, statues and samples of Phidian Art.  


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Topic: Selinunte in Italy, Sicily resort.Selinunte in Italy, Sicily resort

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