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Piazza del Campo in Italy, Siena resort

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Piazza del Campo is the main square and symbol of Siena. Twice a year, the main event of the city is held here - – Palio (horse races).

The square is located at the convergence of the hills on which the city rises. The square is distinguished by its architectural integrity and has a shell-like shape.

During the founding of Siena, streams of rainwater flowed here from the hills, which influenced the formation of the terrain. In those days, there was a market on the site of the future square, and the city center was located in the Castelvecchio area. The market was located here until 1270. At that time, the square had not yet acquired its current shape, but it was already designated as a place for city events and celebrations. During the period of coming to power `` tyranny of the Nine '' in Siena, it was decided to build a new building for the city administration – The commune's palace.

In 1327-1349, Piazzo del Campo was lined with red travertine and bricks. The structure and contours of the Piazzo are not accidental. For many years, the city government has systematically issued laws related to leveling the perimeter of the square and unifying the facades of palaces. In connection with the laws, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul was demolished.

Today, in the square you can see such important monuments of Siena as the Glutton's Tower, the Palais des Commune, the Gaia Fountain, the Piazza Chapel and the Sansedoni Palace

Piazza Campo, along with other attractions in the old part of Siena, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Topic: Piazza del Campo in Italy, Siena resort.Piazza del Campo in Italy, Siena resort

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