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Oratorio San Bernardino in Italy, Siena resort

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The Chapel of the Society of St. Bernardine is located in Piazza San Francesco, near Piazza del Campo.

St. Bernardine is very revered in the city, despite the fact that that he was born outside of it. He was the initiator of the reform of the Franciscan order, and also tried to reconcile the political factions that fought for power in Siena. In 1450, Bernardine was canonized.

The chapel was erected in the 15th century on the site where the saint often preached. The chapel is a tall, narrow building topped with a gable roof. The front of the chapel is decorated with a portal made of white travertine, framed by a richly decorated pediment. In the upper part of the facade above the portal one can observe a radiant disc, decorated with the monogram of the Society of St. Bernardine.

The building is divided into two parts – to the upper and lower chapels. In the 17th century, painters from Siena were involved in decorating the lower chapel. Of greatest interest is the Upper Chapel, where you can observe the XV – XVI centuries, painted by Ventura Turapilli, Sodoma, Beccafumi and Girolamo del Pacchia. The caissaned ceiling is decorated with images of cherubs.

Currently, the chapel houses the Museum of Sacred Art. Here you can see samples of Sienese painting XIII – XVIII   centuries.

The Chapel of San Bernardino, along with other sights of the historic part of Siena, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Oratorio San Bernardino in Italy, Siena resort.Oratorio San Bernardino in Italy, Siena resort

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