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Botanical Garden in France, Toulouse resort

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Botanical Garden – garden in Toulouse, constantly moving from place to place. The history of this garden is really full of moving. The first botanical garden, laid out by the scientific community of the city, was located in the district of St. Sernin, but the soil there was not the most suitable, so the garden was moved to Flower Street in 1756. Here the collection of plants was surrounded by a wall. However, the garden soon expanded and the space bounded by the wall was not enough for him. Then, in 1794, thanks to the efforts of the naturalist Philippe-Isidore Pico de La Perouse, the garden was moved to the lands of the old Carmelite abbey. This movement contributed to the formation of the largest botanical garden in Europe. The beggars were given the opportunity to collect medicinal herbs here, of which there were plenty of 1300 plant species. In 1808, Napoleon handed over the garden and the opportunity to build on its territory to the municipality of the city, and eight years later, during the Battle of Toulouse, artillery batteries were placed in the garden.

Today the Botanical Garden of Toulouse is located in the south-eastern part of the city, near the Young Ladies Bridge and the Languedoc Canal. It houses the Museum of Natural History and the gate towers that imitate the gates of the Capitol.


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Topic: Botanical Garden in France, Toulouse resort.Botanical Garden in France, Toulouse resort

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