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Walls of Verona in Italy, Verona resort

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The walls of Verona, built during the reign of the Habsburgs, still exist today. It is worth highlighting the city's historic center, where the remains of ancient buildings have been preserved, as well as the districts of San Zeno and Veronetta, entirely composed of buildings dating from the Middle Ages.

Verona boasts walls built in different eras. In some areas, the remains of the walls of the Roman Empire are still visible, the ancient gates of the city are also preserved - and ndash; Porta Leoni and Porta Borsari. From Aleardi to the bridge, you can see the 13th century walls with towers, the most famous of which are the Portoni del Bra and the Pentagon Tower leading to Piazza Bra. The ramparts and walls erected by the Austrians have retained their original appearance to this day. On the hill of St. Peter are the remains of the walls built by the Scala family.

During the period of Roman rule, the walls of the late Republic era were created in the city, at the same time the lesser known, but more preserved walls of Gallienus , which were erected in 265 by order of Gallienus to protect Verona from Aleani. Previously, the republican wall was over 900 meters long.

In the 11th century, the walls on the hill were extended to the east to better protect the city. At the turn of the XII – In the 13th century, the municipality built new walls south of Verona, along a natural depression that was later used as a moat.

North of the city, the walls erected by della Scala were extended and fortified. several towers were additionally built. Subsequently, considerable efforts were made to strengthen them.

At the beginning of the 16th century, the city belonged to Maximilian the First, and upon his return, the townspeople decided to continue building the city walls. The first works began in 1523, during which the southern walls of Skala were rebuilt, and several bastions were added to them.

At the beginning of the 19th century, with the arrival of Austrian troops, the walls of Verona underwent a number of changes. The first works were carried out in 1830-1840, during this time many new fortifications were built.

At the end of the first war of independence, the fortification system of the city became more complex.

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Topic: Walls of Verona in Italy, Verona resort.Walls of Verona in Italy, Verona resort

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