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Helbrunn Castle in Austria, Salzburg resort

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Helbrunn Castle is the summer residence of the Archbishop of Salzburg. It is located 6 kilometers from the city. The palace was built in 1612-1615 by the architects Donato Mascagni and Santino Solari in the Baroque style for the then reigning Archbishop Marcus Sittikus von Hohenems.

Helbrunn Castle includes:
The palace with a beautiful landscaped park and the world's only"amusing" fountains, which are arranged so that jets of water unexpectedly beat from different places - from bushes, decorative figures, from park benches and paths.
The Mechanical Puppet Theater is a nativity scene where 256 wooden figures perform scenes from the life of a medieval city to the accompaniment of a water organ. By means of a hydraulic drive, the figures move their legs and arms, or they simply rotate on round stands. The organ and all the figures are set in motion by the force of water.
Mountschloss Palace means"Castle of the Month" in German. The palace got its name due to the rapid construction. It was erected in just one month. Today, it houses the local history department of the Karl August Museum in Salzburg, which displays household items and culture, samples of folk crafts and crafts, as well as samples of national costumes of the region and much more.
The Stone Theater is the oldest open-air stage located in the crevice of Mount Helbrunn.
Also on the territory of the Helbrunn castle is the Salburg Zoo, which was founded in the 15th century. It is small, but there are quite a large number of animals that are kept in conditions close to their natural habitat.


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Topic: Helbrunn Castle in Austria, Salzburg resort.Helbrunn Castle in Austria, Salzburg resort

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