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Hack courtyards in Germany, Berlin resort

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Hack courtyards – the largest closed courtyard complex in Germany. It is included in the list of architectural monuments and is under the protection of the state.

The complex of courtyards is located opposite the Khaki square. Opened in September 1906, the complex included eight courtyards covering an area of 27 thousand square meters.

The courtyards are located between two streets: Sofienstrasse and Rosenthalerstrasse. The construction of the complex, designed by the architect Kurt Berndt, unfolded on a huge square, which was accessible from both streets.

The complex planned to include a building for ceremonies, factory buildings, apartments with balconies. Thus, a structure unique for that time in its functionality was built. The example of the Khak courtyards demonstrated a modern, healthy way of living and working. The courtyards were located inside the residential block, away from the roadway and noise; the interior of the courtyards was made up of greenery, numerous fountains, playgrounds. All apartments were equipped with the necessary: central heating and water supply, bathrooms and internal toilets.

The internal facades of the buildings in the Hack Courtyards were designed by the Berlin architect and designer August Endell; the external facades meet the criteria of Wilhelminian eclecticism, respectively, are overloaded with elements of various styles, even ancient and Egyptian sculptures. Endell also created a different concept, speaking out against such eclecticism. He embodied the idea of a moving space, creating a very different design, but at the same time, organically combined.

The changes here began already in the 1920s. Many companies left the Khak courtyards due to post-war economic difficulties. Until the end of World War II, only part of the buildings were used by one company (the DeFaKa trading house).

Almost immediately after the formation of the GDR, in 1951, this ensemble was nationalized, and in 1977 it was taken under state protection ... By 1994, the Khaki courtyards were sold to a private person, who carried out restoration work, completed by 1997.

Today, residential buildings are closed for the night, and the former factory premises have been converted into offices.

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Topic: Hack courtyards in Germany, Berlin resort.Hack courtyards in Germany, Berlin resort

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