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Alhambra Palace in Spain, Granada resort

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This palace is the most famous monument of Moorish art in all of Spain. It was built at a time when the Nasrid dynasty ruled in these places. Each new ruler changed something in the complex of courtyards and buildings. After the Reconquista, King Charles the Fifth gave the order to partially destroy the palace and build a church and a new palace on this site. After that, the Alhambra was gradually forgotten and even looted. The restoration of the palace began only at the end of the 19th century.

One of the most beautiful Spanish Renaissance courtyards is located inside this massive building. It was created by Pedro Machuc, who studied in Italy. This austere round courtyard is surrounded by rows of columns. Its diameter is 30 meters. Today the palace houses the Museum of Spanish-Muslim Art and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Under Muhammad the Fifth, the Lion's Courtyard was built here. It is framed by arches made up of 124 columns. There is a fountain in the very center of the courtyard. His bowl is supported by 12 stone lions.

According to one ancient legend, one hundred people from the family of the same name were beheaded once in the Hall of Aberserrachs, just because one of them dared to fall in love with the emir's concubine.

The Royal Hall, where festivities and feasts were held, is famous for its unique ceiling. It is decorated with paintings on hunting and knightly scenes made on leather. The reservoir of the Myrtle Courtyard is surrounded by graceful arcades and myrtle bushes.

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Topic: Alhambra Palace in Spain, Granada resort.Alhambra Palace in Spain, Granada resort

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