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Baldeneysee in Germany, Essen resort

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Baldeneysee is one of the reservoirs on the Ruhr River, located in the southern part of Essen. Nowadays, the reservoir is the thematic point `` The Way of Industrial Culture '' Ruhr area.

The idea of creating a reservoir on the Ruhr River belonged to Karl Imhoff, the then commercial director of the Ruhr Union, who put it forward in 1927. In 1931-1933 a dam was built on the river in the Essen district of Verdun. The main role of the reservoir was the self-purification of water, which occurred in connection with a decrease in the speed of the Ruhr current. Thanks to the reservoir, the problem of water supply was solved.

The reservoir got its name from the Baldeney castle, next to which the construction of the dam was originally planned. The construction, however, was moved to Verdun, as the slope of the river at that place was rather slight.

From the very beginning, the construction of the reservoir provoked protest from the local population, since the construction was carried out in their beloved the Ruhr Valley. At that time, these lands belonged to the Krupp family. Gustav Krupp von Bohlen gave a building permit on one condition - the reservoir was to be built opposite the windows of his villa. The construction was carried out using the most primitive hand tools, about 2 thousand people were involved.

In early 1933, a trial damming of the river was carried out. In May of the same year, a hydroelectric dam was launched, the facility was commissioned in full. In May, the `` The Baldeneye Transport Society '', which provides a ferry service across the Baldeneysee. At that time, the society had three pleasure boats and three poros.

In the second half of the 18th century, a lock was built on the Ruhr, which was decommissioned after the creation of a new lock in the 20th century. p>ImageImage

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Topic: Baldeneysee in Germany, Essen resort.Baldeneysee in Germany, Essen resort

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