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Valentines Park in Italy, Turin resort

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Valentine Park is located on the Po coast between the bridges of Princess Isabella and King Humbert the First. Valentina is not the largest park in the city, although its area is about 50 hectares.

Until now, the origin of the name of the park is not known for certain. Some argue that in ancient times the chapel of St. Valentine was located here, while others believe that the park has Roman roots. In the park on a hill is the Basilica of San Vito, which houses the relics of the Martyr Valentine, who in the 3rd century betrothed couples in love, despite the ban.

In 1630, the first park project was completed Carlo di Costellamonti. But the park acquired its Romanesque style in the 19th century, thanks to the French landscape painter Barillet-Deschamps. The landscape painter streamlined groves and alleys, added an arena and a small pond.

International exhibitions have been held in Valentine's park several times. In 1884, before the Italian General Exhibition, a medieval town was set up in the park, where the main architectural and stylistic features of Val d'Aosta and Piemonte were reproduced.

In 1961, before the exhibition between the Turin Exhibition Center and 'Medieval town' the flower alley was broken. In 1965, a rose garden was arranged in the park, which in 1992 was expanded to include a flower exhibition.

In 1898, the Ceppi fountain was opened in Valentine's Park. It was made in the form of a large rococo reservoir surrounded by statues, personifying 12 months.

In the future, the park became a favorite place for cyclists and joggers. And on February 14, lovers invariably walk here.

Next to the Valentine's castle there is a beautiful Botanical Garden, the collection of which contains many rare plants. The garden also houses a research library.

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Topic: Valentines Park in Italy, Turin resort.Valentines Park in Italy, Turin resort

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