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Parc Monceau in France, Paris resort

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Historians refer to the beginning of the creation of Monceau Park in 1769, when King Louis XVI's father, having bought a small plot of land, ordered to make a park out of this land in the best French traditions. At that time, the area of the park was slightly more than a hectare.

After 10 years, the area of the park has increased 10 times, it is being refined and decorated. A Dutch mill and a brick pyramid were built in different parts of the park area. An oval lake was also created. The ruins of a Gothic castle were transported to one of the points in the park. Of all this, only the pyramid has survived to this day.

During the years of the Great Revolution, the park seriously suffered from almost everyday holidays and festivities, and part of the territory was given to farmers to increase agricultural land.

Only by 1861, thanks to Baron Osman, it was possible to return part of the given land, restore afforestation and improve the park. It has become a semi-public park in the English tradition, with winding paths and benches for relaxation. Monceau was decorated with a rotunda, arches, bridges and numerous sculptures. In this form, the park has survived to this day.

The park is open in the morning and until early evening on any day of the week. To get to the park, you need to go through 9 gates, which are guarded by a hereditary guardian. The guard's apartment is located on the second tier of the rotunda.  

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Topic: Parc Monceau in France, Paris resort.Parc Monceau in France, Paris resort

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