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Church of Orsanmichele in Italy, resort of Florence

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Orsanmichele – church located in Florence. It performed a double function, being both a city granary and a temple.

The church was built in 1337-1350. Its name comes from the name of a nunnery of the 8th century, which was located on this place and was called `` San Michele in the Garden. ''

In 1240, on the site of Orsanmichele there was a market where in At that time, the grain trade was carried out in an open loggia, decorated with pilasters, which protected it from the rain. In memory of the church, which was located in this place, the walls were decorated with two images - ndash; Saint Michael and Our Lady. People believed that the image of the latter possessed miraculous powers.

The outer arcades of the temple with decorated windows were built only in 1367. The Church became significant in the history of art only in 1348, when Europe was engulfed in the first plague. Orsanmichele became rich at this time: during the epidemic, the survivors donated 350 thousand florins to the temple out of guilt or penance, which exceeded the city's annual treasury and made it possible for the church to order a large tabernacle of marble. Since the grain trade was not in harmony with the marvelous tabernacle of Orcani's work, the market was moved to another place. From that time on, the lower floor of the church began to serve only for religious purposes. This was the first time in the history of Florence art took over trade. In turn, the upper floors continued to serve as a spare granary until the beginning of the 16th century.

In the XIV century, the building acquired a new function – center of craft workshops. Subsequently, the guilds of the guilds donated to create sculptures of their patron saints and others, which were placed in 14 niches on the four outer walls of the church. These guilds have hired renowned artists such as Nanni Di Banco, Donatello, Lorenzo Ghiberti, and Andrea del Verrocchio. The financial condition of the guilds' guilds was quite enough.

The Church of Orsanmichele, along with other attractions of the historic center of Florence, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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Topic: Church of Orsanmichele in Italy, resort of Florence.Church of Orsanmichele in Italy, resort of Florence

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