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Weckerbarth Castle in Germany, Meissen resort

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Weckerbat Castle is an excellent Baroque palace located near Dresden on the way to Meissen.

Construction of the castle was started in 1727 under the direction of the architect J.K. Kneffel. The construction was completed two years later. Count Christoph August von Wackerbat acquired an extensive plot here especially for the construction. The purchase was made at the insistence of August the Strong. Since the Elector at that time financed more than one construction project, he did not have the funds to build a castle on these lands, and therefore he offered to fork out Christophe. He was forced to obey. Subsequently, after the death of the count, the castle often changed owners.

In May 1945, the headquarters of I.S.Konev was located in the building, Marshal of the Soviet Union. In 1950, the castle was transferred to a boarding school. A winery was soon established in the castle. Initially, the winery produced ordinary wines, and in 1957 began producing German sparkling wines. In 1992, the winery was taken over by the state, and soon became the first demonstration winery in Saxony.

During a tour of the castle, visitors can see the entire castle complex, the winery and the historical park. At the end of the excursion, everyone can taste the wines and buy the ones they like in the store. In the basement of the castle there is a cozy restaurant serving the best local cuisine.


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Topic: Weckerbarth Castle in Germany, Meissen resort.Weckerbarth Castle in Germany, Meissen resort

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