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Erice in Italy, Sicily resort

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Erice is a small town located on the west coast of the island of Sicily.

According to legend, Erice was founded by the son of the goddess Venus, Ericks, in whose honor the city got its name. The hero of the myth, Daedalus, who fled from Crete with the help of his own invented wings, landed on a mountain bearing the same name, and erected powerful walls around the city. Also according to legend, the son of Zeus, Hercules, who was returning to Greece, stayed in the city.

Subsequently, the city was named Erice, – important cult rites of the ancient world were performed here. The first inhabitants of the city – Elim - lived here approximately in XV – VIII centuries BC It was they who introduced the cult of fertility, which subsequently continued to be respected by the successive conquerors. The Temple of Venus in the city was considered a special place – For many centuries, the conquerors of the city not only did not try to destroy it, but also tried to enrich the treasury of the temple. Unfortunately, the temple has not survived to this day; in the 12th century, the castle of Castello de Venere was erected in its place.

In the city, it is worth visiting the Museum of Cordici and the Church of the Virgin. Not far from Erice is the Greek temple of Segesta, built in the 5th century BC


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Topic: Erice in Italy, Sicily resort.Erice in Italy, Sicily resort

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