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Sciacca in Italy, Sicily resort

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The city of Sciacca is located between the estuaries of the Belice and Platani rivers, on the coast of the Sicilian Strait. The city gained its fame thanks to the thermal springs that come to the surface on the slopes of San Calogero.

The city was founded by the Sican tribe. According to the testimony of the Greek historian Thucydides, in the 7th century BC. the inhabitants of the neighboring town of Selinunte built a fortress near Shakki. According to legend, the hot springs near Shakki were first established by Daedalus. Daedalus fled from Crete and settled on the island of Sicily, where he lived for a long time in the city of Iniko.

Greeks from Selinunte often visited this town, enjoying the hot thermal springs. During the Greco-Punic wars, the city was ravaged and abandoned. Soon, the Romans appeared in these places, who did not immediately notice the dead city. Over time, Shakka was rebuilt and received the name Aqua Labodes.

In 840, the city was taken over by the Arabs. During their reign, the inhabitants lived quite well. The Arabs have done a lot for the development of Shakki.

In 1087 the Normans conquered the city. For a long time, the new rulers followed the Arab way of governing the city. During this period, a fortress was erected near Shakka, and the city itself was surrounded by a powerful fortress wall, only the Jewish and Arab quarters remained outside the wall.

During the reign of the Hohenstaufens, the city received a number of privileges, since it entered to the royal domain.

The decline of the city began under the Angevins. With the uprising of the Sicilian Supper Shakka also rebelled. Isidoro Inciso was appointed city captain. In the second half of the 13th century, after Pedro III was proclaimed king of Sicily, a war was launched against the Angevin dynasty. Sciacca assisted the king with her galleys.

In 1302, after peace was concluded between the Spanish and French, customs regulations were abolished in Sciacca in gratitude for their help in the war.

In 1360, Count Guglielmo Peralto, who was one of the most powerful people at the court of Federico III, was appointed ruler of Shakki. Peralto also had the right to judge the lands subject to him. After the death of Federico Peralto, he becomes regent to Queen Mary.

At the end of the 15th century, Shakka received the title `` worthy. '' In 1542, the townspeople, rebelling against the persecution of the Spanish Inquisition, turned to Parliament for help. The uprising of the townspeople was soon suppressed. Later, in the course of wars, uprisings and natural disasters, the city gradually began to collapse.

In the XVIII – In the 19th century, an uprising against the Bourbons repeatedly broke out in Sciacca. In 1759, a high school of law was opened in the city.


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