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Post Museum in France, Paris resort

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The Museum of Mail, dedicated to the history of the development of the postal business in France, is located in the 15th administrative district of Paris.

Projects to create a thematic museum first appeared back at the end of the 19th century, however, two world wars did not allow France to bring ideas to life. The museum was opened in 1946, and the place where it is located now is the third in a row. Initially, the exposition was more devoted to philately than to the postal business, so even in the name of the museum it was indicated. It began to be called the Postal Museum only in 2009.

The current location of the museum is – a modern building from the second half of the 20th century. In total, the museum is divided into 15 halls, each of which is dedicated to a certain type of postal activity. The prehistoric hall is dedicated to the birth of writing and mail, the Hall of Letters is dedicated to the birth of writing as a way of exchanging messages, the hall of the Courier Horse Mail is filled with post carriages that were used until the middle of the 19th century. A number of halls are given over to modern communication devices, ranging from primitive telegraphs. A separate, final hall is an exhibition of postage stamps, with which, in fact, this museum began to work.

A separate hall is given for third-party exhibitions not directly related to postage and philately, here there are also numerous conferences of philatelists. There is a small kiosk at the exit from the museum where you can buy various brands: from the cheapest standard ones to expensive collectible ones.

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Topic: Post Museum in France, Paris resort.Post Museum in France, Paris resort

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