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Palazzo Delhi Elefanti in Italy, Sicily resort

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The Palace of the Elephants is an architectural monument of the city of Catania. Currently, the palace houses the City Hall. The palace is located on the Piazza Duomo.

Construction of the palazzo began in 1696 on the site where the medieval building was destroyed by an earthquake. The author of the project was Giovanni Battista Longobardo. The western, eastern and southern facades were designed by the architect Giovanni Batista Vaccarini. The north facade is the work of Carmelo Battaglia. Central balcony, pediments decorated with the letter `` A '' and numerous sculptures of elephants are also the work of Vaccarini.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a staircase was added that leads to a courtyard. In the gatehouse of the palace, you can see two carts created in the 18th century. One of them was made in Germany. The ceremonial hall on the ground floor and the Council Room are decorated with drawings by the Sicilian painters Francesco Contraffatto and Giuseppe Chouti. A beautiful garden was laid out around the palace.

In 1944, a massive fire broke out in the palace, which destroyed the Risorgimento Museum and valuable archival documents, and the building itself was also seriously damaged. The palace was soon completely renovated and opened its doors in 1952.


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Topic: Palazzo Delhi Elefanti in Italy, Sicily resort.Palazzo Delhi Elefanti in Italy, Sicily resort

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