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Piazza della Signoria in Italy, the resort of Florence

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Piazza Signoria is an L-shaped square located in the central part of Florence, in front of the Old Palace. During the period of the Florentine Republic, the square was the center of political life.

During the Roman Empire, a theater was located on the site of the square. Later, 36 towers were erected, in which some of the Uberti family lived. In 1260 all the buildings of this family were destroyed, after which the square was formed.

Throughout its history, it has changed many names – Priors, Grand Duke and Nation.

The government of Florence was based on the square in the palace of the Signoria. After, As Casimo Medici came to power, all republican institutions were liquidated. In 1478, the conspirators who attacked Giuliano and Lorenzo Medici were hanged from the window openings of the palace overlooking the square. In May 1498, Savonarola and the spirit of his Dominican companions were burned at the Piazza Signoria. After this event, a round slab was erected on the square in front of the Neptune fountain.

The square is decorated with many sculptures, which represent a real allegorical cycle. Here you can see such works as `` David '', the sculpture was made at the beginning of the 16th century by Michelangelo, the sculpture `` Judith with the head of Holofernes '', created by Donatello in the middle of the 15th century, `` Mardzokko '', also made by Donatello, `` Hercules, the winner of Cacusa,"by Baccio Bandinelli.
One of the most popular attractions of the square is the Loggia Lanzi, created at the end of the 14th century. The authors of the project are Simone di Francesco Talenti and Benci di Cione. In those days, the loggia was intended for receptions and city meetings. Today the loggia is a museum, where visitors can see numerous sculptures made in the form of ancient and mythological heroes.

Almost all the sculptures installed on the square are copies.

Piazza della Signoria, along with other attractions in the historic center of Florence, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Topic: Piazza della Signoria in Italy, the resort of Florence.Piazza della Signoria in Italy, the resort of Florence

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