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Things to do in Florence

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The capital of Tuscany, the great Florence, home of many people who changed the world, is now an international center of tourism. The city from year to year gets the second place in the tourist ranking of Italy after Rome. There are many religious monuments, architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance, museums and modern recreation areas preserved here. All this is located in picturesque areas. It is better to know in advance about the most popular places in Florence and how you can spend time here.

View sculptures in Piazza della Signoria

Officially, Piazza della Signoria is considered almost central landmark of Florence. This place is thanks to many Hollywood movies and even computer games, but in fact, is of particular value. small sculptural composition. All other buildings on the square, one way or another, have been reconstructed; the city was badly damaged during the Second World War. Many tourists check their time with the Palazzo Vecchio - the former palace of the Medici family.


Sculpture in Piazza Signoria

Bypass the Uffizi Gallery

Promoted by many tour operators Uffizi Gallery is one of the world's largest treasuries of fine art. Once in this building were the private chambers of the Florentine mayors and merchants, but now it is one of the central city attractions. The pearls of the collections are the works of three Renaissance geniuses - Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael. The gallery contains several original works of the greatest Italian masters.

Uffizi Gallery

Try Florentine chocolate

Florentine pastry chefs may not be as popular in the world as the Swiss, but in Italy their products are recipes for making desserts with a long history are still enjoying tremendous success. The Italians especially love the local dark chocolate, which is usually eaten in small portions as an appetizer to a cup of cappuccino. One bar of such chocolate, depending on the brand and the high cost of the ingredients, can cost up to 200 euros.

Look at the Boboli Gardens and the Pitti Palace

The Medici summer residence, aka Pitti Palace is an original building of the 15th century, which now houses several museum sites. At one time, Napoleon himself stayed in this building, but now here in one of the halls the main fashion show in Florence is taking place. The Boboli Gardens are famous for their Egyptian obelisk, grottoes and a whole ensemble of sculptures that were created over several centuries by the most prominent sculptors of Florence.


Pitti Palace

Climb the Giotto Bell Tower

Giotto Bell Tower is rightfully considered the tallest building in the historic city center. For many Florentines, it is as important a symbol of the city as the notorious Piazza della Signoria. The bell tower is made in the late Gothic style and for its era was considered a real skyscraper - its height exceeds 84 meters. Anyone can buy an entrance ticket to the bell tower and, having overcome 414 steps, find themselves on a small observation deck overlooking most of the city.


Giotto's Bell Tower

Evaluate meat dishes in any trattoria

Florence, like any Italian city, has its own culinary traditions, which can differ significantly from the usual ideas of a tourist. The most popular dish in local restaurants will be steak - with a variety of side dishes and cooking methods. Local chefs in luxury restaurants prepare signature steaks with blood, which are served with some secret ingredients in the form of exotic spices.

Taste Tuscan wines

Wine bars in Florence , as in Milan there is, but completely different wines are served here. Tuscan red and white wines have only a few dozen official recipes. Tuscan wine brands have dealers all over the world, but it is here that you can best appreciate the variety of flavors and varieties of these drinks. Do not forget that you can drink alcohol only in strictly designated places, if you do not want to have an unpleasant conversation with the police.

Take a photo of the Ponte Vecchio bridge

The oldest in Florence Ponte Vecchio was created in the XIV century and has survived to this day almost in its original appearance. In fact, this is one of the few trade bridges in Europe - remnants of the Middle Ages, when most of the shops and shops of merchants were located on bridges - thus they got rid of the land tax. Currently, on the Ponte Vecchio bridge there are several dozen jewelry salons and other shops designed primarily for tourists - prices here correspond to the specifics of the place.


Ponte Vecchio Bridge

See Santa Maria del Fiore

The main Catholic shrine of Florence is the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore - a masterpiece of late Gothic and one of the most beautiful churches in Italy. For most residents of Florence, this cathedral is rightfully considered the main symbol of the city, protecting its streets in the days of the most terrible historical upheavals. The uniqueness of the cathedral is also in its dome - 42 meters in diameter supported by brick ceilings.

Buy souvenirs on Mercato Vecchio

Officially marketplace Mercato Vecchio square has not existed since the end of the 19th century - now this name bears a small alley in the quarter of San Lorenzo, named after one of the Medici dukes. The alley is lined with stalls of a wide variety of goods, from typical tourist trinkets to handicrafts. I must say that prices in this small market are significantly lower than in most of the busy tourist spots of the city.

Visit Teatro Verdi

Florence's main stage is Teatro Verdi - exists since 1854. Initially, this stage was intended only for opera and ballet, but later it was repurposed for variety concerts. World stars perform on the stage of the Verdi Theater and stage large-scale performances based on the plays of world playwrights.


Teatro Verdi

Drive to Pinocchio Park

Formally Pinocchio Park is not in Florence, and in its suburbs. But there are several bus routes running here throughout the summer. The park is fighting for the right to be called the first theme amusement park in Italy - it was created in 1956.

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