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Generalife in Spain, Granada resort

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This building is the former suburban residence of the emirs from the Nasrid dynasty, who ruled Granada in the 13-14 centuries. Gardens surround the residence. These gardens are part of the medieval part of the city and together with other buildings are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The palace was built in 1302-1309, but then in 1313-1324 it was re-decorated under Sultan Ishmael the First.

The palace complex includes the"courtyard of the stream" with a long pool, surrounded by flower beds, colonnades, fountains and pavilions, and the `` garden of the sultans '', the second name of which is –"cypress yard".

Previously, this palace was connected to the Alhambra by a covered bridge, but now it is destroyed.

In the gardens of the Generalife grow roses, boxwood, yellow violet and carnations, as well as various shrubs. The garden itself – it is a true masterpiece of horticultural art, it recreates the images of paradise taken from the Koran.

The modern part of the garden was laid out in 1931 by Francisco Prieto Moreno. Its creation was completed by 1951.  


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Topic: Generalife in Spain, Granada resort.Generalife in Spain, Granada resort

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