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Steri Castle in Italy, Sicily resort

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Construction of Steri Castle was started at the end of the XIII century, and was completed only in 1320. In those years, the castle was the main residence of the Chiaramonte family. At the end of the 14th century, the last Chiaramonte owner of the castle was beheaded by King Martin. Until 1517, the castle was used as the main royal palace of the Kingdom of Sicily.

In 1530, it was here that Charles the Fifth handed the Maltese Islands to the Order of the Hospitaller Knights, which later became the Order of Malta.

At the beginning of the 17th century and up to 1782, the castle housed the main tribunal of the Holy Inquisition. Later, the court was located here – during this period, the castle rooms were used as cells. Currently, the building houses the administrative offices of the City University. Various events are also held in the premises.

The castle was built in the style of the so-called Chiaramonta Gothic. The original Steri masonry, thanks to numerous restorations, has survived to this day.

The castle was built almost on water. In the 16th century, a dam was built around it, which was intended to protect against pirates. At the end of World War II, a beautiful park was created next to the castle.

The Hall of Nobles, decorated with wooden vaults with images of historical, mythological and biblical scenes, deserves special attention.

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Topic: Steri Castle in Italy, Sicily resort.Steri Castle in Italy, Sicily resort

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