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Favara in Italy, Sicily resort

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Favara is a small commune in the province of Agrigento, located 8 kilometers from the city of Agrigento.

One of the main city attractions is Castello Chiaramonte – the castle, erected in 1280, as the hunting residence of Frederico di Zveva. The architecture of the castle is unique in some way, as it is a transitional form between the castle and the traditional palazzo. Previously, the building was used not only as a residence, but also for military purposes, since it had a rather advantageous location. The rooms on the first floor were used for storage rooms, servants' quarters and stables. In the main hall there is a stone with an undeciphered inscription, which, according to legends, tells where the hidden treasures are.

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Topic: Favara in Italy, Sicily resort.Favara in Italy, Sicily resort

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