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Drachenburg in Germany

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Drachenburg Castle is located on the southern side of North Rhine — Westphalia. This castle is not medieval, but it is one of the largest such buildings of the 19th century. Like many castles located on the banks of the Rhine, it is built on the tops of a rather high mountain and offers excellent views of the surrounding countryside.

Drachenburg Castle itself is a cross between a villa, a castle and a palace. Built in the neo-Gothic style that came from Britain, it resembles a beautiful toy. A chic park with sculptures and a babbling fountain is laid out around the building. Get to the castle either by a small train or by walking along a winding path through dense forest at the foot of the mountain.
Near the castle, at the foot of the mountain, there is a small town called Konigswinter, which can be seen from the observation deck of the castle. The residence of the German Chancellor is literally a stone's throw from the castle, so foreign dignitaries are not uncommon here.

The story of this rather young The castle dates back to 1882 - 1884, when it was built under the supervision of the baron and wealthy stockbroker Stefan von Zarter. The castle was designed by Dusseldorf architects Leo von Abbema and Bernhard Tusshaus. Subsequently, the castle was revised by the Parisian architect Wilhelm Hoffmann.
During World War II, the castle park became the site of German air defense posts, which were destroyed by allied fire. And the artistic values of the castle were taken away by the Americans almost completely. At one time they even wanted to demolish the castle that remained in a deplorable state, but fortunately, thanks to the efforts of one private sponsor, the architectural monument was saved from destruction.

Since 1986, the castle has been protected by a special state program for the protection of national monuments. Careful restoration lasted for ten years (1995-2005), especially the `` Terrace of Venus '', which suffered the most from the bombing, had to work hard. And today Drachenburg welcomes its doors to visitors.

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