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Karlskirche Church in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Karlskirche Church is a Catholic church located on the banks of the river, at the very edge of the old city of Vienna. She is a prime example of the Viennese Baroque. The church stands out with a huge green dome 72 meters high and two columns along the edges. The temple also includes pavilions and a portico made in the Greek style.

The church was built by order of Emperor Charles VI, who in 1713 after the plague epidemic made a vow to build a temple in honor of his patron saint Carlo Borromeo. Accordingly, the church is named in honor of the patron saint, so Karlskirche in translation from German means"Charles Church". The Emperor announced a competition for the best design of the church, and the idea of Fischer von Erlach was preferred. The construction of the church began in 1716. Johann Fischer von Erlach died in 1723, and the construction was continued by his son Joseph. In 1737, the construction of the church was completed.

The church turned out to be unusual in terms of architectural style. She combined several different styles and eras. The facade of the church resembles a Greek temple. The side chapels are borrowed from the Italian Renaissance. In front of the entrance to the temple, there are two figures of angels symbolizing the New and Old Testaments, and 4 large figures on the pediment - 4 virtues: mercy, repentance, faith and humility. Karl Borromeo sits on the throne in the center.

Today the Karlskirche church is not operational and has been turned into a museum.

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