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Market church in Germany, Essen spa

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The Evangelical Market Church is located not far from Essen Cathedral, in the Stadkern district.

The church was first mentioned in the testament of Theophanes, Abbess of Essen monastery, which says that in memory of the patroness of travelers and merchants St. Gertrude, candles should be lit in this temple.

According to historians, the church was built around 1043. At that time, Henry III gave the go-ahead to trade for the Essen Monastery, which necessitated the construction of a new basilica for market people.

During the Middle Ages, the city magistrate sat in the church. In the 16th century, after the city joined the Reformation, The market church became evangelical. The first evangelical service in the temple was held in May 1563 by Heinrich Barenbroch, the first evangelical pastor of the church. After his death, Henry was buried in this temple.

During the Second World War, the church was seriously damaged. From 1952, restoration work began. In 2006, a western choir made of blue glass was added to the building.


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Topic: Market church in Germany, Essen spa.Market church in Germany, Essen spa

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