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Landhaus Klagenfurt in Austria, resort Klagenfurt

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The Klagenfurt Landhaus is located on the Old Town Square. Today, it houses the modern residence of the government of Carantia.

The history of Landhaus began in 1574, when a new building was erected on the site of the burnt ducal palace, where the arsenal was located at that time, as well as the government meetings, celebrations and receptions of famous persons. The building was designed by architects Franz Freimann and Antonio Verdi Lugano.

The modern two-storey building retains many historical design and architectural elements. The secular building has two symmetrical towers with domes, made in the Baroque style, behind which there is a two-story courtyard with arcades, galleries, and is a masterpiece of the Renaissance.

The interior design of the Landhouse has the greatest historical value. The most interesting room is considered to be the Heraldic (coat of arms) hall, where important celebrations were held earlier. This room contains about 665 historical coats of arms of Carantia and its rulers. The ceiling of the heraldic hall is decorated with paintings depicting the aristocrats of Carantia taking the oath to Charles VI. This room was designed by Josef Ferdinand Fromiller. It also houses the Duke's Stone, which is considered a symbol of the birth of Quarantine democracy.

A collection of weapons is located in the northern part of the Landhouse.

You can visit the Landhouse during the summer period .  

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Topic: Landhaus Klagenfurt in Austria, resort Klagenfurt.Landhaus Klagenfurt in Austria, resort Klagenfurt

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