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Palazzo Bevilacqua in Italy, Verona resort

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Palazzo Bevilacqua is an old palace in Verona, designed by Michele Sanmichele. In general, there are two palaces in the city with the same name, since the Bevilacqua family was quite famous and played a significant role in the history of Verona. One palace is located near the Boulevard Cavour, the second – in the historic center of the city. Without a doubt, the first one, built by the architect Sanmikeli, is more popular. A large collection of works of art was kept here for many years, which was collected by Count Marco Bevilaqua throughout his life. Over time, this collection spread all over the world.

Construction of the palace began in the 16th century, but the castle was never completed. The lower floor of the palace was decorated with columns and busts of Roman soldiers, as well as windows located in arched vaults. The upper floor, surrounded by a huge balcony in the Greek style, was richly decorated.

Today, the palace houses the State Institute of Technology.

Bevilaqua Palace along with other sights of Verona, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Topic: Palazzo Bevilacqua in Italy, Verona resort.Palazzo Bevilacqua in Italy, Verona resort

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