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Cathedral in Austria, Salzburg resort

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The Cathedral is located in the historic center of Salzburg. The history of the cathedral begins at the end of the 8th century, when the first small church was built on this site, but in 1167 it burned down as a result of a fire. After that, by 1200, a new cathedral in the Romanesque style was erected, which also completely burned down in 1598.

The cathedral, which   we see today, it was built in 1614-1628, which became the first baroque cathedral in Central Europe.

In 1944, during the Second World War, the cathedral was partially destroyed, but in 1959 it completely restored.

The modern Cathedral is 79 meters high and can accommodate about 10 thousand believers. The cathedral has two symmetrical towers and a marble facade. In front of the main facade of the cathedral there are 4 statues: the Apostle Peter with the keys, the Apostle Paul with the sword, the bishops - Saint Rupert with a barrel of salt and Saint Virgil with a model of the church. In memory of the creators of the cathedral, Marcus Sitticus and Paris Lodron, two heraldic shields are installed on the pediment.

The interior of the cathedral is made in a rich baroque style and decorated with frescoes, some of which were created by Florence. Here you can see the baptismal font where Mozart was baptized in 1756, an organ with 4000 pipes.

The Cathedral has its own museum located in the southern part. The museum exhibits items collected by archbishops since the 17th century, and objects of church art.

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Topic: Cathedral in Austria, Salzburg resort.Cathedral in Austria, Salzburg resort

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