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Arche Defense in France, Paris resort

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Great Arch of the Brotherhood – the second name of this modern architectural masterpiece of the French capital.

The arch is located in the La Defense quarter; modern buildings, which the French themselves called the `` Parisian Manhattan ''. The new suburban area of Paris needed a symbol, and at the initiative of the country's top leadership, this symbol was invented.

According to the chief architect of the project, the Arch should become the `` Arc de Triomphe of the 20th century ''. However, unlike its classic prototype, this triumphal arch should not be dedicated to victory in any war, but should become a symbol of human victory and the highest human values. Construction began in 1983 and continued until 1989, the opening of the monument was timed to coincide with the bicentennial of the Great Revolution.

The monument is a rectangular frame made of marble and granite, covered with thick impact-resistant glass, in the center of the rectangle an awning is stretched, which was given the name Cloud. The total weight of the structure is more than 300 thousand tons.


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Topic: Arche Defense in France, Paris resort.Arche Defense in France, Paris resort

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