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Maritime Museum description and photos - UAE: Sharjah

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Maritime Museum description and photos - UAE: Sharjah

Maritime Museum description and photos - UAE: Sharjah. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Maritime Museum.

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The Maritime Museum, located in Sharjah in the Khan district, is one of the most popular attractions in the emirate. The opening of the museum took place quite recently - in 2009. The founding of the museum was initiated by the ruler of the emirate, Sheikh Al Qasimi. The main goal of the creation of the Maritime Museum is to preserve materials and material evidence of Sharjah's rich maritime heritage and conduct educational activities. The sea played a major role in the life of the local population, thanks to it the emirates grew and developed rapidly. The locals were engaged in fishing, seafood and, of course, pearls.

The Maritime Museum, although not large, is very interesting, especially for lovers of shipbuilding and sailing. The museum opened quite recently, so it is not surprising that the latest technological advances were used in its design, for example, interactive displays, with which you can watch fascinating videos.

The Sharjah Maritime Museum displays traditional seaworthy dhows made of wood. They were used for fishing, pearling and trade. Here you can also see real Arabian pearls and find out exactly how they were mined, weighed and measured. Visiting the museum, guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with all the local fishing traditions. The museum displays powerful wooden lifting blocks designed to raise and lower the sail.

The photographs and portraits of famous captains and sailors attract particular attention of visitors, as well as recordings of sailors' performances and old sea songs that can be seen and heard in the museum.

Guides working in the Maritime Museum will tell a lot of interesting things not only about the history of shipbuilding and navigation, but also about the marine fauna and flora. In the near future, a huge marine park is planned to be built around the museum, which will house an aquarium and restored fishing buildings.

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Topic: Maritime Museum description and photos - UAE: Sharjah.Maritime Museum description and photos - UAE: Sharjah

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