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National Maritime Museum in Israel, Haifa Resort

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The National Maritime Museum today displays models of ships and ships of ancient civilizations.

In 1953, the museum was founded, thanks to the private collection of Arie Ben-Eli – navy officer. Today the building belongs to the Haifa museum company.

The museum consists of three floors – on the first and third floors there are rooms for the work of circles and excursion halls, on the second – hall them. Itzhak Rokakh, hall of temporary exhibitions, library named after John Cohen, laboratories and offices.

The museum displays a large collection of helmets, anchors, figurines, weapons, coins that were found on the seabed. The pearl of the museum – a bronze battering ram of a warship, subsidized by 3-2 BC, which was raised by divers in 1980 near Atlit.

In the section of marine mythology, you can see clay lamps, statuettes of sea gods, mosaics and images of sea monsters. In the section of navigation devices, exhibits of the 15-20th centuries are presented to your attention. compasses, astrolabes, hourglasses, telescopes, measuring instruments and much more.

In the section of the numismatic collection there is a rich collection of coins on a marine theme – anchors, ships, fish, ports, shells, sea deities, etc. In addition, the museum contains a collection of commemorative medallions and medals that were issued in honor of various maritime events.

There is also a large collection of cartography, in which includes ancient atlases and maps. The exhibits in the collection tell about the development of cartography during the Renaissance.

The models of ancient ships were created in accordance with the wall images and descriptions that were found in palaces and ancient burials. When creating layouts, descriptions from the literature of that time were also used.

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Topic: National Maritime Museum in Israel, Haifa Resort.National Maritime Museum in Israel, Haifa Resort

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