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Botanical Garden in Austria, Graz spa

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The botanical garden is located in a residential area of the city. The date of its foundation is considered to be 1887 and belongs to the University of Karl-Franzens. The area of the garden is about 28 thousand square meters.

The botanical garden gained the greatest fame in 1995 after the architect Volker Gink built huge glass greenhouses here, where plants from different climatic zones coexist. The structure of the greenhouse is designed in such a way that it allows 98% of the sunlight to pass through. There are four climatic zones inside the greenhouse, differing in humidity from 50-80% and temperatures from 8 ° C. C up to 24 ° C.   In the tropical zone, you can see, for example, mangrove plants, orchids. Mediterranean vegetation is represented by eucalyptus trees, citrus and so on. The temperature of different climatic zones in the greenhouse is regulated by the hot water of the heating system, as well as by cooling systems and spraying a small mist from water droplets.

In the botanical garden you can see poisonous plants, look at plants from afar. cause severe allergies in people.

In addition to indoor greenhouses, the botanical garden has outdoor greenhouses, where a large number of plants also grow.


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Topic: Botanical Garden in Austria, Graz spa.Botanical Garden in Austria, Graz spa

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