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Old Linz Cathedral in Austria, Linz resort

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The old Cathedral of Linz was built in 1678 by the architect Pietro Francesco Carlone in the Baroque style. It was originally created as a small church of St. Ignatius, and in 1785, after Linz became the capital of the archbishopric, it was renamed the cathedral. After that, the old cathedral was a functioning city cathedral until the creation of the New cathedral. The temple is also known for the fact that it housed a college of Jesuit monks for a long time.

Outwardly, the building of the cathedral looks rather ordinary and modest: only two small turrets topped with green domes. But the interior of the temple is magnificent and is an example of the Baroque style. Pink marble was used in the construction of the temple, from the inside, the dome of the cathedral is decorated with gold ornaments, here you can see tall columns with ornate carvings, a large number of statues, a beautiful altar decorated with marble sculptures.

In addition to architectural landmarks, the old cathedral is famous for the canvases of the famous Italian artist Bellucci, and one of his works of art, called"Saint Alois", is located above the altar.

This temple also contains a large organ, which was created by Franz Xavier Chrismann. For a long time, the staff organist of the temple was Anton Bruckner (the famous Austrian composer). Today, the Bruckner Organ Festival is held in the Old Cathedral every year.

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Topic: Old Linz Cathedral in Austria, Linz resort.Old Linz Cathedral in Austria, Linz resort

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