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Bebelplatz in Germany, Berlin resort

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Bebelplatz — square in Berlin, notorious after the events of May 10, 1933, when 20 thousand"anti-German" books were burned here (even students and staff of the Humboldt University participated in the burning). Among the books were works   Marx, Freud, Remarque, Brecht, Hasek, Dreiser and other significant scientists and writers from both Germany and abroad.

Today, there is a memorial dedicated to this event on Bebelplatz and burnt books: under the glass roof empty shelves go deep into the square.

There is also St. Jadwiga's Cathedral, the green dome of which is considered one of the unofficial symbols of Berlin; the building of the Opera House of the 18th century;

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Topic: Bebelplatz in Germany, Berlin resort.Bebelplatz in Germany, Berlin resort

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