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Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in France, Nice resort

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Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas – the temple in Nice, built from 1903 to 1912, with donations from emigrants and members of the royal family.

The church of pink brick and gray marble, decorated with mosaics, from 1912 was under the authority Orthodox Russian Church. Since 1923, the Russian Orthodox Cult Association has rented the cathedral for 99 years. In 2010, the cathedral was declared the property of the Russian Federation by a court order, and in 2011 it was given to the Moscow Patriarchate for use.

In April 1865, the Russian Tsarevich Nicholas, the son of Alexander II, died of illness in Nice. The emperor bought Villa Bermont, where this happened, and two years later the St. Nicholas Chapel was founded there. The marble chapel is in the Byzantine style. The architect D.I. Grimm, builder Francesco Botha, A.K. Fischer for the murals and Nicolas Rosier for the bronze doors. In memory of the Tsarevich, the municipality of the city named the nearest street Tsarevich Boulevard, and where Nikolai's bed stood, there is now a black slab of marble, a cast-iron cross and an altar.

By the end of the 19th century, the Russian community in Nice, it grew greatly, the parish church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and Queen Alexandra was not enough, it became necessary to expand the existing chapel, leaving it as an altar part. Nicholas II and Empress Maria Feodorovna took the construction of the temple under their patronage. The foundation stone of the church took place in April 1903 by Archpriest Sergius Lyubimov in the presence of members of the royal family. Construction work according to the plan of M. T. Preobrazhensky was carried out under the supervision of local architects: Fomberto, Huarbe, Joseph Mars, Henri Steklen and others.

The temple was consecrated in December 1912 by Bishop Tryphon Dmitrovsky, vicar of the Moscow diocese. The Holy Synod decided to consider the temple a cathedral.

The five-domed cathedral, 50 meters high, was built on the model of Moscow churches of the 17th century. The domes of the cathedral are covered with colored tiles and topped with gilded openwork crosses. Interior decoration   The church is distinguished by its sophistication: iconostases, icon cases, carving of platbands are made in the 'old Russian style'.

The church contains remarkable relics: the Image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Life Icon of St. Peter the Apostle, the Icon of the Mother of God `` Joy of All Who Sorrow the Icon of the Archangel Michael in a chased frame, Two icons of the patron saints of Nicholas II and Alexander II, the Icon of St. Alexander Nevsky. The crypt of the cathedral houses the Museum of the Russian Colony in Nice. The bells were donated by P.P. von Derviz from his home church, the heaviest bell was cast in Marseille.

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