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Fort (Historical Museum) in the UAE, Umm Al Quwain resort

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Umm al-Quwain Fort was built to protect the land entrance to the old city. On the one hand, it is bounded by the strait, and on the other, by the sea. Currently, the fort has been restored, but work is still underway to restore the wall, which was built by the first local settlements. Now the premises of the old fort houses a museum.

The museum displays antiquities that were found during archaeological excavations in the neighboring village of Al-Dur. The excavations are still underway, and if they wish, any tourist can visit them.

The museum has different sections by activity and category:
  • historical museum
  • archaeological exhibitions
  • city walls, fortifications, gates

The fort is divided into three levels. The lower level displays pottery of different time periods, starting from the third millennium BC. At the top of the museum is the room of the sheikh and his family, as well as the room of the governor who ruled during the British rule. The rooms contain the personal belongings of the sheikhs.

The museum has a collection dedicated to date palms and their fruits, an exhibition showcasing local production and trade traditions (for example, writing utensils of the past, ancient hairdressing tools, etc. items of the past).

There are also several sections in the museum that exhibit:
  • a group of old boats and ships;
  • tools for fishing and underwater fishing;
  • modern and ancient weapons (daggers, swords);
& middot;                 old kitchen items such as old kitchen utensils, descriptions of how to prepare food using old primitive means.

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Topic: Fort (Historical Museum) in the UAE, Umm Al Quwain resort.Fort (Historical Museum) in the UAE, Umm Al Quwain resort

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