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Reserve”Zingaro” in Italy, Sicily resort

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Jingaro Nature Reserve is a real paradise for nature lovers – here small bays alternate with high indented coastal cliffs, caves and rocky cliffs. The territory of the park occupies 1650 hectares. The park also houses the Monte Speziale mountain, reaching a height of 913 meters, and the Pizzo Passo del Lupo peak, which is 610 meters high.

The seven-kilometer coast of the reserve is characterized by limestone cliffs that were formed even in the Mesozoic era.

The flora of the park is represented mainly by holly, which occupies the slopes of Pizzo Passo di Lupo on the north side, the territory of Uzzo and Acci, the coast of the Calo del Varo bay and the Pizzo Aquila peak ... Wild asparagus, white ash, butcher, ivy, bindweed, common tamus and fern are also found on the territory of the reserve. The symbol of the reserve – dwarf palm.

Reptiles live in open spaces, dominated by rock ridges and steep slopes. The park is also home to over 35 species of birds.

Traces of human activity can be found throughout the reserve. The park has a large number of hiking trails. The most popular route is along the coast.

On the coast of Cala del Varo there is a small guest house, which is open to tourists only in summer. Also one of the popular natural attractions of the park is the Uzzo Grotto, which is of archaeological interest. Just 300 meters from the grotto there is the Museum of Peasant Culture, where exhibits will tell about the technique of weaving fibers and growing grain.


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Topic: Reserve”Zingaro” in Italy, Sicily resort.Reserve”Zingaro” in Italy, Sicily resort

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