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Madoni National Park in Italy, Sicily resort

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Madoni National Park located between the cities of Cefalu and Palermo. Geographically, the reserve occupies 162 km 2. It includes the Madoni mountain range and some of the highest mountains in Sicily. Pizzo Carbonara   it reaches 1979 meters in height and is one of the highest mountains after Mount Etna.

Madoni is a continuation of the Peloritanian and Nebrodi mountains, which together form part of a majestic ridge that stretches towards Tunisia.

There are many small villages and towns in the park, most of which were founded in the Middle Ages. There is also a large number of ancient churches and castles.

Forest cats, wolves, foxes, porcupines, hares, hawks and eagles live on the mountain slopes, and the flora is represented by a giant holly, wild olives, Nebrodi fir and blooming white ash trees.

The reserve was founded in 1989. Here, rock outcrops dating back over 200 million years have been discovered, allowing us to trace the geological history of Sicily. Thanks to the European Geoparks Network, research projects were organized here, in which students from the University of Palermo took part.

Maraudi, along with most of the Italian micro-regions, is famous for its cuisine and rural lifestyle ... The park is especially popular with hikers.

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Topic: Madoni National Park in Italy, Sicily resort.Madoni National Park in Italy, Sicily resort

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