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Rubicon River in Italy, Rimini resort

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Rubicon is a small river flowing in the Apennine Peninsula. The river lies north of the city of Rimini and flows into the Adriatic Sea. Until 42 BC The Rubicon served as the border between Cisalpine Gaul and Italy.

The river gained worldwide fame primarily thanks to the catchphrase `` cross the Rubicon '', meaning some irrevocable decision. There is a legend about the appearance of this phrase – Julius Caesar, who at that time was not an emperor, led his army to the Rubicon. Standing on the bank of the river, he hesitated, because he was not sure of the strength of the army, and was afraid in case of failure to be subjected to shame and torture. Crossing the Rubicon, he became emperor at the end of the civil war. Since then, the phrase `` cross the Rubicon '' means 'risk for a great purpose'.

After Caesar crossed the Rubicon, for a long time the river was on everyone's lips, until August turned it on   to the northern part of Italy. As a result, the river ceased to be the border of Italy.

In the Middle Ages, the coastal plain between Rimini and Ravenna was flooded more than once. The Rubicon and other rivers of the region quite often changed their direction of flow. To supply the area with water in XIV – In the 15th century, dams were built and water pipes were dug. As a result, these rivers were formed into direct streams.

In 1933, attempts were made to find the location of the Rubicon. The Fiumicino River, which crosses the city of Savignano sul Rubicone, was officially recognized as the Rubicon. In 1991, conclusive evidence was found that confirmed this theory, – scientists Ravagli, Donati and Pignotti proved the distance from Rome to the Rubicon River, which is approximately 200 kilometers.

Currently, the river has turned into a gutter located in the Emilia-Romagna region. As a result of intensive exploitation of underground waters in the upper channel of the river, along with natural spring drying, its waters have been depleted.


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Topic: Rubicon River in Italy, Rimini resort.Rubicon River in Italy, Rimini resort

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