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Lascaux Cave in France

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This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in southwestern France.

It is believed to have some of the finest ancient cave paintings in all of Europe ... The drawings are beautifully preserved, but scientists still cannot agree on their age. Recent studies have shown that these images are older than any known on Earth.

The cave was discovered during the Second World War by several teenagers who saw something in a crack formed by a lightning strike pine trees.

Since then the cave has been studied by the world's leading scientists.

Since the 70s of the XX century, a reproduction of the cave with all the drawings was created in order to preserve the ancient painting.

The space of the cave is huge. Each hall has its own name by analogy with architectural structures. It has its own nave, its own apse, and a rotunda.


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Topic: Lascaux Cave in France.Lascaux Cave in France

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