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House-Museum of Balzac in France, Paris resort

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A small house, one of the few literary museums in Paris, is located in the Passy district. Hidden behind the stately mansions of the early 19th century, this one-story building opens with a small sidewalk with a memorial plaque on the side stating that the great French writer Honore de Balzac lived and worked here.

The writer settled here from hopelessness. He needed to hide from creditors, so even he was not registered under his real name. Among the memories of neighbors, preserved in the writer's own notes, it is mentioned that Mr. Brenol is nothing more than another eccentric. Early in the morning this eccentric would go to the small garden near the house, pour a cup of coffee, and go back to write. Few knew that the recluse would be one of the greatest French writers. The coffee pot from which Balzac poured himself coffee every morning stands in the most conspicuous place in his office.

Office – the only room that hasn't been given a modern look. There are three rooms in this small house-museum, each of which is literally filled with the writer's personal belongings. Here you can see numerous variants of manuscripts of books, photographs, many other documents, one way or another connected with the name of Balzac.

At the moment, the museum is included in the list of national treasure of France.

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Topic: House-Museum of Balzac in France, Paris resort.House-Museum of Balzac in France, Paris resort

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