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Su Nuraxi in Italy, Sicily resort

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Su Nuraxi is the largest Nuragic monument in Sardinia, located near Barumini. In 1997, the Su Nuraksi complex was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main element of the complex is – a three-storey Nuraghe tower reaching a height of over 18 meters. The tower was built between the XVII – XIII centuries BC from basalt blocks. In the Bronze Age, four more were built around the tower, which were interconnected by a wall.

Scientists agree that these towers served not only for military purposes, they tend to argue that the towers used as some kind of parliament or refuge.

In the 20th century, near the central tower, archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu came across the ruins of an ancient settlement, which consisted of more than 50 residential buildings created from massive boulders. Initially, each building had one room, but then the inner space began to be divided into sectors. The most significant find was a hut in which local meetings were held. Symbols of deity worship were found here.

In the 7th century BC. the central tower fell into decay, during the reign of the Carthaginians the tower was completely restored, in the Roman era – abandoned again. In the middle of the 20th century, large-scale archaeological excavations began on this territory, the head of which was appointed Giovanni Lilliu. During that period, dishes, weapons, household utensils were discovered, as well as many different decorations. The finds made in Su Nuraxi form the basis of the chronology of the prehistoric period of the island of Sardinia.


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Topic: Su Nuraxi in Italy, Sicily resort.Su Nuraxi in Italy, Sicily resort

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