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Agostino Pepoli Museum in Italy, Sicily resort

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The Museum of Agostino Pepoli is currently housed in a former Carmelite convent dating back to the 14th century. The museum houses a large collection of art, sculptures and paintings that showcases the evolution of the visual arts of Trapani and its surrounding areas. Special attention in the museum is paid to applied arts – in the halls you can observe objects created from majolica, coral, silver and gold.

The first exhibits appeared in the museum thanks to the personal collection of Count Agostino Pepoli. Later, the collection began to be replenished with donated collections from the Fardellian Art Gallery and secularized monasteries. The unique art collection was donated by General Fardella, a native of Trapani. In the future, the collections were replenished thanks to the items left as a legacy.

The collection of coral jewelry is especially interesting. Coral creation has always played an important role in Trapani's life. Since the 15th century, local craftsmen have been famous for their skills in coral processing and the creation of various gizmos from them. Often, these crafts were decorated with silver, copper, gold, lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl.

In addition to coral decorations, the museum also has interesting masterpieces of religious art, it is worth noting the Crucifixion by Matteo Bawer, paintings by Giacomo Balla and Titian.


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Topic: Agostino Pepoli Museum in Italy, Sicily resort.Agostino Pepoli Museum in Italy, Sicily resort

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